Wednesday, September 29

{ gnocchi—take one }

This post is aptly titled because when I return from my Tuscan culinary adventures, I will hopefully have a "gnocchi—take two" that completely blows this one out of the water.

But it was fun nonetheless.
Figured I'd share round one as kind of a 'before & after' of sorts...

All gnocchi consists of is potato, egg, flour and some salt. So easy, yet such a crazy mess. I don't even have a 'final picture' (which is kind of the point of a food post, right?) because my entire body was covered in some form of sticky, gluten-y flour and potato.

But man did it taste good.
Cover in pesto, marinara, or gorgonzola cream...
...or all three = tri colore!
Gnocchi really lets you go crazy.


Ahn said...

stop it. why did we not talk about this yesterday? i have been dying to make gnocchi (but too scared that i'll mess it up). what recipe did you use?

Daddyo said...

Love the bottom pic …and thanks for a quick (my fault) but wonderful dinner.

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