Tuesday, September 28

{ my little blueberry }

Do I have far more thrilling things to post about (like going to ITALY for four weeks TOMORROW)?
Why yes.
But humor me for a moment.
While I'm overseas, my little blueberry of a car and I will be celebrating our two-year anniversary. 
And we are totally still in the honeymoon phase.
And going strong.

The day we met...
2006 Honda Civic Coupe 

Took me an entire day at the dealership to finally decide, which I feel no shame about because after all, 
it is the most expensive decision I've made to date...completely on my own.
And what a fantastic ride it has been. 
I highly recommend this car.

If I had a dog, baby or boyfriend...I swear the car would not be getting such a blog-worthy celebration.


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