Wednesday, September 29

{ ciao bella! }

And we're off!
Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, reminders, faith and all the rest.
I'm blogging from LAX, Gate 41 of the int'l terminal in case you want to visit in the next half hour.
Some of you have asked who I'm going with...her name is Erica. I know her mainly because she's my ex-boyfriend's cousin. Please don't hold that against her though. She's amazing! And she's wonderful for going on this wild adventure with me!
I will update more one we land in Rome...then on to Florence on Sunday by train. Cinque Terre to follow ;)

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Justine said...

have a great trip missy. I expect MANY pictures.

Bridget said...

just reading the words cinque terre sent shivers down my spine. good ones. can't wait to hear how your trip goes. and give monica a big ol kiss from me. or hug.

Ahn said... excited for you mads. can't wait to get a post card (preferably from cinque terre).

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