Tuesday, September 7

{ finally }

Hi Interweb! I've missed you.
Things will be a bit more regular now I hope...
Here are my excuses...

Last week was hard:

  • my car got backed into...by a friend
  • another friend came to visit from LA...and her purse got stolen
  • finally had to give up hope on someone I'd hoped in for too long

This week has been busy:

  • moved my youngest sister into her dorm at APU
  • spent three days at Lake San Antonio with friends
  • spent one of those days trying to save a sinking boat
  • planned a trip to Italy in October
  • exchanged dented car for rental car
To make up for sommmme of it, I saw this picture today! Mine is the salad in the top left corner! :)

You can purchase one or learn more about it here.


cjacks said...

How cool is that? I guess you're technically a pro now huh? Nice.

Justine said...

girl, look at you. wow

Ahn said...

you are my hero. awesome.

Allie said...

Italy in October. Jeal.

emme said...

how did i not know about the axxes thing? groovy.

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