Friday, July 16

{ to travel or not to travel }

Is that even a question?!

I know I'm not entitled to a trip to Europe just because I started a full-time job the day after I graduated college and have worked straight through three years since. But OH MY GOODNESS does it sound fantastic.

Angela, one of my nearest and dearest friends, and I are considering planning a trip for August tonight! IF WE CAN SWING IT FINANCIALLY...we're thinking somewhere drop-dead beautiful, maybe a tiny bit quaint...not super touristy...a little off the beaten path... I've heard the Croatian coast embodies the above terms. I also think I've had dreams about Cinque Terre, Italia before I knew that it actually existed. 

I've only been to Europe once—granted it was for a 5-month span (feel free to visit this old and closed blog to see how I faired living in Lithuania). I had the immense privilege of visiting London, Paris, Nice, Rome and Pompeii before being stranded for four months in Lithy. 

I miss these moments, but look forward to so many more photo ops:

 sister Emme running across London Bridge

 anonymous but very attractive stranger on the (mostly) nude beaches of Nice, France

view of Paris from the top of Le Sacre Coeur

sunset just outside The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia...sigh...

All photos taken by me.


emme said...

i'm a fan of traveling and new experiences, but... i'm not quite sure if its a smart idea... espescially since you are dreaming of moving soon. but go for it if you really really really want to.

oh, and feel free to invite me. :)

amykate0323 said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures. Very jealous!

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