Thursday, July 15

{ ADC - final week }

I am so ready for this class to be done.
Not because I don't like the content...or this field of work. And not because it's been challenging. It hasn't been (we spent an entire night class this week watching The Soloist).

The general vibe in the classroom often resembles that of 1st grade "Show & Tell" time. People are constantly raising their hands to ask questions, which would be fine...except their questions sound like the following about 75% of the time: "This one uncle's girlfriend...well she had schizophrenia and she started dating this other guy, and he gave her a bunch of benzos, and..."

You get the idea.

We were touching on dementia and co-occurring substance disorders at the beginning of class tonight, when my professor says out loud, "You bet I'm going to start drinking and doing drugs again when I turn 90 and have dementia...because my brain will already have holes in it!"

And my favorite line of the night, from a classmate:
"Is it true that people with amnesia can hide their own Easter eggs?"

Hope that one keeps you up at night.


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