Tuesday, June 8

{ from Southern CA...to Southern belles... }

Did not realize this beforehand, but North Carolina is definitely part of "The South." I know, the name kind of throws you, right? This was all verified when the lovely hair and make-up ladies showed up in Manda/me/Ahnika's hotel suite at 9am, morning of the wedding, dressed to the nines.* We were still in pj's and sweat pants...and in walk the beauty queens of North Carolina—packing some serious heat with at least seven hair curlers and about 10 million bobbi pins in hand. 

Ahn & Suzy


Katelyn (pre-tears :)



Mands & Carrie

Grandma and bride

rehearsal dinner

I really miss her. Fiji and Europe for a month make me believe she's probably not missing us quite as much...

*What does this saying really mean...? Anyone?


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