Tuesday, June 15

{ more than travel buddies }

So much of the crazy wedding weekend in MD/DC/VA/NC two weeks ago was about bonding with this girl

 photo: Grant Johnson 

While we haven’t been BFF’s since birth…we’ve known each other since jr. high. We were the only two girls who would actually offer to read out loud in Sunday school back then. Our youth pastor had a hard time choosing her favorite. Ah those were the days. We've also been youth leaders together in the high school group at church. Here's disgusting proof:

But above all that...we have shared a BFF (yes, shared) for quite a while. Hence both of our memberships in the bridal party of Amanda Suzanne Wayne on May 30. But as far as becoming friends independent from Mands…well that took place predominantly last year thanks to a little road trip we took to Davis, CA to attend Manda’s bachelorette party and bridal shower.
And by bachelorette party, I mean white-water-rafting down the American River with the most badass guide I’ve ever rafted with. And just because I’ve only rafted once, don’t let my lack of experience throw you off. Dave was phenomenal.

My relationship with Ahn really began to soar to another level on our seven-hour drive up to Davis (me driving – just the time Google maps predicted)…as well as on our five-hour drive back home (Ahn driving – oh you bet it’s possible).
Between the two legs of the trip, we covered it all…sex, drugs, rock & roll…Twilight. Lots of Twilight. (We’re both Team Edward in case anyone was wondering…how could she not be, though. I mean, have you seen her husband?)

While she was dubbed Matron of Honor/Best Lady, I liked to think of myself as the Assistant to the Best Lady throughout the wedding festivities. Ahn works for a real life, bona fide wedding and event coordinator in town, so she completely knows what’s up when it comes to weddings. And marriage (check out her blog)…

I appreciate her sass, witty humor, and dry sarcasm that oftentimes makes me feel like I really need to step up my game. Thanks for being a friend who challenges, Ahnika. Always.

We’re also strikingly opposite in appearances, which I think only serves to bring us together. Tall(er) and blond vs. short(er) and brunette. But we have some similar loves as well: cameras and kittens. Amen? Amen. 


Ahn said...

mads. you are too kind. that's probably one of the reasons why i like you so much. good for my self-esteem. wish we hadn't wasted so many good years being pseudo-friends. you were definitely maid of honor status. where would the speech have gone without you? nowhere good, that's for certain. hope we get another road trip in someday (maybe only i'll drive though...). love you girl.

Bridget said...

this is precious. can't wait till we meet and i get featured on spidatter.

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