Friday, May 28

{ Navy blue and gold }

Cannons were shot.
Fighter jets flew.
A certain Joe Biden spoke. Maybe you've heard of him. 
My favorite part was when he was listing off US Naval Academy alum, and bravely mentioned John McCain (Class of '58!). The crowd cheered for a minute solid. I'm fairly certain Joe regretted that decision.

After a 20-minute search through a sea of men in uniforms (ahhh heaven!) we finally found the man we were looking for.
Actually, Manda found him. But we are all so proud of Cameron. And now he gets to marry the most amazing the entire world. Pretty sure hearts are going to break across the country on Sunday.

How did I feel about the five hour flight + five hour drive to N. Carolina? Indifferent. (And Mom, please note your lovely and crafty bridal shower gift behind me in the lovely couple's new apartment.)

It's after midnight and we safely arrived in North Carolina (wedding destination!) to be greeted by the bride's parents and a plethora of wine options. I love the Wayne's. It hailed on the way here. I'm starting to think that a wedding is not complete without some ice falling from the sky (see the last post I wrote about a wedding). Heaven help us. 

~ALL photos courtesy of the fantastic Ahnika Johnson


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