Friday, May 28

{ 27 years }

Happy anniversary to these two!

We stopped asking questions a long time ago.

Married in: 1983 
Married for: 27 years
According to my mom, that's 324 months...or 9,855 days...not including that time of "dating" which was...a long enough time. But who's counting... :)

I remember in first grade, kids would bring prayer requests and praises in every day. One little girl said her praise was that her parents had promised her that they would never get a divorce. So the next day, I came in and said the same thing. I hadn't actually asked my parents specifically, but I mean...isn't that what a wedding vow is...?

Needless to say, I am so thankful to have two parents who make it work. Don't ever stop laughing, guys...
Cheers to Craig & Ika!


ika said...

thank you. So much easier with the amazing kids we have!

Craig said...

I'll second and third that—thanks Mad.

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