Thursday, May 27

{ best friend's getting married }

I've been told that I throw around the label "best friend" too much. Not true. I'm just extra blessed with fantastic the term applies more frequently, I suppose. And Amanda Suzanne Wayne is more like a sister anyway. I love her beyond words.
We met at Santa Barbara Christian School when I was in 6th grade and she was in 7th. She's almost exactly a year older than me (our birthdays are three days apart!). Our friendship—at first—was founded on exchanging wardrobes. We lived about five blocks away from each other in high school, and I ADORED HER CLOTHES. Funny thing is neither one of us really spent much money on clothes, so we were basically lusting after the other person's Ross finds...just because they belonged to the other person.

Mands truly became family when she went on a vacation to Oahu and Maui with my entire family. I got heat stroke and was a royal pain to be around the entire time, so she became the new family favorite. Naturally.

Anyway, I have a hard time describing—adequately—Amanda. I've never met a person who doesn't instantly like her. Usually love her (especially if you're male). Ahn has a theory (and I am beginning to fully back it) that Manda has special pheromones. You know, like a chemical that is released causing others to be instantaneously and undeniably attracted to them. Yah...she has that. 
And she's gorgeous. 
And she's intelligent.
And she loves Jesus.

And she's marrying Cameron Marshall, the love of her life, in three days. 

~bottom two photos by Heather Crowder

Did I mention she's 5'4" and he's 6'6"?

I couldn't be more excited to be a part of their wedding. It's going to be my first time playing on the A-Team, aka being in the bridal party. I'm flying into Maryland today with Ahnika, staying in DC with Manda, attending the US Naval Academy graduation for Cameron, most likely finding my future husband, and then driving to North Carolina for the wedding, which is at this fantastic vineyard.

See you next Tuesday! :)


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