Wednesday, May 26

{ happy birthday Beck! }

It's this GORGEOUS, INTELLIGENT, & TALENTED girl's 17th birthday today! I'm going to start calling her the triple threat. Becky is my youngest sister. She has the softest heart out of all of us, I'm convinced. And that's a great thing. She also just decided on a college for the fall (graduated a year early and everything, smarty pants). Azusa Pacific University doesn't yet know how lucky they are to have her. She is going to rock that college. 

~Photo by me

When she was (much) younger, she thought her full name was Rebecca Becky Jacks (since none of us girls have actual middle names). We let her believe that one for a while.

Couldn't you just eat her up with that smile?! That must have been before we told her she was adopted...for the 5th time...and she believed it. Bless her sweet, trusting heart.

Speaking of trust...she let me do her make-up and hair for Prom. That's the kind of trust between sisters. 

Most people say we look the most alike out of the whole fam. I take the as the highest of compliments. 

She also let's me play one of my favorite games, "professional photographer," with her when I need to practice. This makes things easy on me because she is HIGHLY photogenic, and photo-editing becomes a thing of the past. And she even let's me dress her up in a billion different crazy outfits like a paper doll.  
And then dance around on an outside amphitheater in the middle of a park downtown with about seven homeless guys watching. I tell her they are only intrigued by the highly professional artistic vibes we're giving off.

~Bottom two photos by me

Happy 17th birthday, BECKY!


Ahn said...

happy birthday becky! you are so beautiful and i can't believe you are already going off to college. crazy!

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