Monday, May 24

{ in sickness...& in hail }

Lauren & Stephen are officially married! 
And very regrettably, I only have these three pics from a friend's iPhone because I decided not to take my camera out since...IT WAS HAILING. 
Rain, snow, sleet, whatever you want to call it...big chunks of white stuff were coming out of the sky. The temperature was in the high 30s (not kidding) and the entire wedding was outside. Until it got moved inside, that is. We were in Grass Valley at Lucchesi Vineyards, which is owned by Lauren's family. The views and landscapes were breathtaking. I honestly didn't even care that I absolutely could not feel my toes...I felt so blessed to be there.

I am obsessed with Lauren's dress. 
And no, I'm not just saying that because she might read this blog.
I hope she does.
Because her dress was dynamite.
A sweetheart neckline, covered in the most delicate lace from top to train
to give it just a touch of vintage edge. 

I thought this was a brilliant touch. Lauren and Stephen served the buffet dinner throughout the entire evening, wind and snow aside, instead of having to awkwardly visit each guest table. Practical, gracious, fun...they are a fantastic married couple already. 

the bride & groom serving dinner to their guests

And the new bride and groom had their first dance on a massive coffee table 
in the bride's parents' living room, with all the wedding guests gathered around.
It was snug and intimate, with just a hint of chaos that was perfectly unique to 
Stephen and Lauren Miller :)

LOVE you guys. Enjoy Paris!

~photos via Cassie's iPhone :)


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