Friday, May 21

{ cooking in Japanese...part 2 }

Where was I...ah yes, turning Japanese. 

The week leading up to the big day, I was receiving rather cryptic, but well-meaning emails from both Masafumi (Japanese producer man) and my dad. Who in no way, shape or country speaks Japanese. But he's exceptionally good at pretending he understands it.

For example, here's an excerpt from my dad the day before we filmed:
     "There's more too...something about pies, tarts, and something else. I'll get all info asap and please don't fret. I know you might think this is lame, but who knows. Really, things happen in life for people who get chances and make connections. Oh yeah, I forgot, also things don't always happen either. But we just never know what can/will lead to what. So, I can totally see you mixing a few ingredients and smiling—you know, being Maddie. That'll probably do it. Thanks, I hope I didn't mess your weekend up too much for you—just thought you'd dig the quirky opportunity."

And do I ever dig a quirky opportunity. I also dig blueberries. This was shaping up to be brilliant!

The night before, per Masafumi's request, I whipped these babies up, courtesy of a fav Smitten Kitchen recipe...

Since I am not, in fact, a professional chef, specializing in all things blueberry...I knew I should probably do my best to impress so that the crew wouldn't be too let down. 

Thankfully I'd purchased this apron from Anthropologie for my roommate's birthday last year...

Knew that little guy would come in handy one day. If that doesn't just drip with Julia Child...or Martha...please show me one that does. And preferably cheaper.

I arrived at the ranch for show time, only to have to turn right around and drive to the grocery to pick up all of the items for the recipe they wanted to film. Apparently there was a miscommunication somewhere (I know, surprising, right?)...and they assumed that I, being the executive chef that I am, would prefer hand-selecting all of my own ingredients. For the recipe I'd never so much as glanced at. 

The recipe called for brandy, and the particular store I was at only had the largest bottle of brandy ever. And I only needed a tablespoon. And I don't even like brandy.

After arriving back at the ranch for the second time, I finally met Masafumi and his crew. They were wonderful! Sweet, soft-spoken and loving the blueberries. Masa was the only one who spoke any English, which wasn't a ton. But he doubled as a great translator and we made it through the entire recipe in ONE TAKE! I don't know who was more excited about or the cameraman—who I swear was holding a 200-pound camera. Yeeasssh. 

Turns out I never had to talk or even look at the camera! Some host, right? They figured since they'd be dubbing over it in Japanese, it'd just be better for everyone if I stayed quiet. I couldn't have agreed more. Especially since I was just a tad frazzled with the spotlights, cameras and cameramen in my face at all times, as I tried to pan-sear a steak (which I've never done) and make a meat sauce out of blueberries, onions and brandy (also never done that one). But it turned out—rather on the rare side, I might add—and the crew loved it!

Yesterday Masa emailed my dad about when we'd be receiving a copy of the finished show, and included this little shining tidbit of glory:

"PS. My favorite among all dishes we covered this time was Madeline's blueberry steak."

Boo. Yah. 

I promise the posts from here on out will not be anywhere near this narcissistic. 

And now I'm off to the first of at least six weddings this summer! This one is at a vineyard...Mmmmmmm...

~photo by Deb @ Smitten Kitchen


Craig said...

Glad you dug the quirky opportunity (DQO).

Allie said...

That is CRAZY. Like, seriously.

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