Thursday, May 20

{ that one time I hosted a Japanese cooking show }

It's been a week since it happened, so I feel that I can now sufficiently talk about this little event without sounding completely crazy. I wanted to post about my 'big Asian debut' when I had some actual shots or footage from the day of, but I just found out it probably won't air for another month or two. Blast. Anticipation is key though.

Most of you already know that my grandparents own and operate a full-fledged blueberry farm just up the coast from Santa Barbara. It also doubles as a ranch house and retreat center that is so drop-dead gorgeous, I would live there and commute the 45 minutes if they'd let me.

These photos are all from last August, when one of my favorites came into town...just so you can get a little mental image of the ranch if you've never had the privilege of meeting it in person...

Awwww, lovely isn't it?

Back to the point. Two weeks ago I got an email from my dad with this in the subject line:

Cooking With Maddie! (マディーと料理 or Maddie to ryōri)

Not kidding.

He then copied an email to me from a Japanese television producer in N. Hollywood. 
It began:

"Dear Sir or Madam

I am a production manager currently working for an educational TV
program, Food is Wisdom, on Nippon Television.
For an episode about FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, I am looking for a farm
where you grow America's typical fruit or vegetable..."

Um hello... America's typical fruit = blueberries. Hands down. I ate 6 ounces of them for breakfast this morning. And yesterday morning. I would know. I also might turn into Violet Beauregarde from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory any day now.

In short, they wanted to send a video crew of four to the ranch to film people in the fields picking blueberries (my sister, Becky, did this). They also wanted someone to cook this recipe for steaks with blueberry sauce

"This is to explain blueberry works very good with meat as well as when
used for muffin and pancakes."

This is where my dad might have led them to potentially believe that I was a professional chef. And volunteered me. Ha. 

So then I start getting emails directly from the guy. This was my favorite line by far:

"I attach a couple of ideas from "Julie and Julia" movie.
I think the most important thing is you wear apron."

You guys...I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
To be continued...


Helen said...

This is too ironic, I just finished up watching Julie & Julie and then found your blog! Lovely photos, I love blueberries!

Joanna Goddard said...

oh my goodness, this is SO hilarious! i love the apron line!! can't wait to hear more.

Madeline said...

It was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life...making it obviously one of the best! Part two is up. Can't wait til I can post part three, the actual video footage! I'm laughing just thinking about the ridiculousness of it all...

Katie Gaddini said...

I just found this little treasure trove (your blog). Now I can stalk my beloved Madeline more thoroughly :) Miss you my friend.
Sending you lots and lots of hugs and love from South Africa.

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