Sunday, February 19

tilt-shift tuscany




All photos taken October • 2010 • Madeline Jacks
Views of Florence from atop the Duomo (the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore)
Last photo view of Florence from the Bardini Gardens


Robyn said...

wow-i've been there-but these photos are just marvellous-makes it look like a toy town

Caiti said...

tilt-shift photography is my FAVORITE!! so talented miss jacks! happy week to you!

sarah said...

it makes everything look so baby! like ants!


Adam K said...

Tilt-shift sounds like a cool dance move.

Great shots!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

My husband and I were just here in October! Florence was certainly a highlight of my trip!
Beautiful photos!

Alex ~

ika said...

impressed. Didn't know you knew how to tilt-shift. I love it! and I agree with Adam. Tilt-shift could make for an awesome dance move.

wildchild said...

woah woah woah, these look like little miniature buildings, like this csi episode i saw where a killer would make little versions of all of his murder scenes. it was super creepy.

but tuscany is not. not creepy at all. just pretty :)

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