Saturday, February 18


Who me? Ha—never.
The bloggy, on the other hand...well it was about time.
We celebrate change and fresh starts here on Spidatter, so I learned how to make confetti.
Now it's a party every day here. 
Check out the new lay-out, if you feel so inclined 
(and/or are reading this in a feed or reader).
It's a tad more tidy and simplified than all that cluttered stuff before.

More big changes coming soon in life :)


katie [the bright life] said...

It looks great! The confetti definitely makes it feel like a party. :) I love the clean look! Xo, Katie

katie [the bright life] said...

Just FYI, I tried to click "older posts" below and it's linking to Twitter...just thought you might like to know. :) Xo, Katie

laurenjeanallece said...

Love the new look! It makes me feel like being fancy... I might have to walk around my apartment in a party dress for a while before bed to get it out of my system.

Hope you have a happy weekend!

Jessica Roy said...

Love it! Clean, colorful and simply wonderful. Great job girl!

wildchild said...

ooh la la, so fancy! i definitely like it. i'm such a fan of clean, easy to read blogs.

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