Tuesday, December 20

free & easy DIY: Christmas wrapping edition

I'm liberal in my definition of "free" here. Essentially, these materials could be free—if you're the type who hoards over-sized skeins of twine and 50-year-old sewing patterns. [Which my family does.]
Otherwise, you can spend $3 at your local Goodwill, and I GUARANTEE you will be able to find the following things: 

-large spools of thread
-old sewing patterns

Then go buy your beautiful friends some Theo chocolate and wrap accordingly. 
You don't need tape or scissors. 
Rip the tissue paper patterns and fold the gifts over themselves a few times. 
Then go to town with the string, rip it off, and tuck it under or knot it when the paper is secure enough.

Love you guys and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Adam K said...

When are you going to get your own show on HGTV?

Jessica Roy said...

I love wrapping gifts this way - clean, classic, and you're not adding more junk to the landfills.

a day with kate said...

these look beeeeeootiful. nice work, friend!!

wildchild said...

ooh girl, you is so smart! i was gonna smack you if there was another brown paper, stamp, pretty printable tags tutorial. but you've come up with something original. brav-stinkin-o.

Nicole said...

Such a good idea. I have lots of yarn that I would never use to make anything, so I've been using it to dress up my gifts! Happy Holidays!

laurenjeanallece said...

Love this! I will now proceed to file it under "Do this and you'll be happy you're alive!"

cjacks said...

I too was quite impressed with your cool looking gift wrapping this year. Lucky me though—got to actually open a few. Gotta love that pencil holder you made from the cut off end of our Christmas tree. Thanks!

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