Friday, December 16

ariel . aerial

Confusing, I'm sure. Both things I love. Yet I think aerial (as in aerial photography) is one of the lousiest words to remember how to spell. I always want to default to ariel...but that's the name of my first favorite mermaid, and my second favorite Footloose star
Then there's the font...Arial. Gag.
The English language is a cruel and heartless thing. 

I think I ate too much sugar today. And by that I mean that I actually ate sugar today. And I've been chemically whacked out since early this afternoon. And that is my justification for the rambling paragraph above that was intended only to intro these aerial photos...

Favorite thing about flying: aerial photography
Least favorite thing about flying: "placing your belongings in the overhead compartment"
Favorite thing about this Saturday: I'M FLYING HOME TO SANTA BARBARA FOR CHRISTMAS!


Marshall said...

Wish you were flying to me for Christmas!

ika said...

sugar? wait till you get home..... :)

Adam K said...


cjacks said...

—And you made it here! Couldn't ask for a better Christmas present. Hey, and congrats on getting your photo published in Sweet Living Magazine. Nice.

wildchild said...

so dang pretty. the views are my fave too. and enjoy home!!! also, is cjacks' comment true?! sweet living?! why didn't you tell us?

Fit With Flash said...

I'm with you on two things here: The 2nd Ariel is the best. And flying sucks when they make you put all your shit away. It's way more fun (and less scary) to have distractions while you fly.
Rad photos, buddy.

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