Monday, November 28

Christmas Parade: Idaho edition

When I was told we were going to the annual Coeur d'Alene Christmas parade, 
I wasn't prepared for 28 degree weather and decorated oversized trucks. 
But that's what we got.
Classic Idaho. 
Sadly, I don't have any photos of the "Blazen Divaz." 
They're the local, non-profit dance troupe of woman who seemed to be mostly over 60.


And below we have the "Moon-Shriners"...sponsoring Shriner's Children Hospital :)

Me & Kaylin—freezing.
 And to top off the night...Winter fireworks.
Well done, Coeur d'Alene!


a day with kate said...

AHH it looks SO COLD. yet amazing. these are gorgeous photos, which is impressive considering the lack of light!!

Blazen Divaz. YES.

Fit With Flash said...

totally jealous of your winter fireworks!!! : ) looks fun, but cold.

ika said...

Is that Charlie sitting on the moonshine truck?

Marshall said...

happy to see your beautiful face!
great pics as always Mads

Mr. Jacks said...
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