Wednesday, November 30

the art of cutting down a Christmas tree

Kaylin, me, Jess...& Gus Gus :)
Me, Kaylin, Jess
the Taranto ladies
Shawn contesting the "adults only" sign :)
Wonderful, unofficial Idaho family

 I'll let the majority of the photos speak for themselves.
We had a hilarious time at the Christmas tree farm.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to the Taranto's for being my Idaho family all last week! Kaylin, you're like a sister to me—what a Godsend.


Elle said...

seriously jealous. we get ours at home depot. i mean, we go at night so it's kinda feel like christmas. one day...

Fit With Flash said...

Yule Log. Cutting down your own tree. This has National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation written all over it. Please tell me there's a Rottweiler named Snotz somewhere in this post? : )

Katie said...

At least your eyeballs didn't freeze. =)

Marshall said...

these are glorrrrrious!!!!

i await your skype call

Ahn said...

awesome pics, per ushe. we are cutting ours down this weekend...but not in the wild.

cjacks said...

Wow. I didn't see this coming when I met Charlie Taranto in 1972. What a ride.

wildchild said...

I'm not sure what the difference is between a Yule log and a regular old log, but I like it. We cut down out own tree too usually and I love it. Makes it feel more like Christmas :)

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