Friday, October 28

paradise lost

This was Vernazza exactly one year ago when I visited. Remember this ridiculous post?
It's on the coastline of the Ligurian Sea and is one of five small Italian villages that make up Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
I fell in love with this little town instantly and swore up and down
that I'd one day return, whether to visit or to stay. 

This is Vernazza today:

You can read more about the terrible flooding and mudslides that occurred this week here...but a sweet woman we met last year who lives in Vernazza said it will take over six months to clean and repair the damage. She is safe though. 
Monterosso al mare, the northernmost village, has all but been swallowed up. 
The mayor of Monterosso, Angelo Betto, said it "no longer exists."

So sad my heart.


Marshall said...

of all the places... so sad.

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