Thursday, July 14

The Way Much

A dear friend of mine—Geoff—is in a radically hope-charged and talented folk/acoustic band called The Way Much. They're on a crazy, whirlwind tour of the States right now. 
Being the sweetheart of a guy that he is, Geoff sent me a thoughtful text from the town of Madeline, CA, and that's when I found out they'd be in Seattle that next week. 
This begged an obvious question: 
Play at my house?!?
They said yes.
They are such good people.
It might not get any better than a summer backyard concert in Seattle.
Thank you for letting us be a stop on your journey.
All the best, to The Way Much.


The following cell phone video footage is from another Seattle house show, but it gives a small taste...


Adam K said...

Had a super fun time that night. What a great band and good people!

stace said...

Fun! Great photos!!

Taire Wilson said...

i've really enjoyed reading your blog over the last year or so! i was wondering what kind of camera you use?

Thanks, Taire

Madeline said...

Taire, don't have your email address to respond, but I have Nikon D300 right now, and typically use my Nikon 50mm f/1.4 fixed lens.

Thanks for the feedback :)

wildchild said...

guess what country music lover loves these guys? [at least from the one video you posted, that is]

Marshall said...

great pics love!!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

This literally looks like the most perfect day---my love and I have a band together, and actually, he sort of looks like the guy here---I relate. love it.

ALFIE said...

oh that music is great!!! wishing they had an album i could jam to on these hot summer days :)

Justine said...

the best. miss these fine folks.

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