Wednesday, May 4


It's really not that big of a surprise I suppose, but I'm in Santa Barbara for the week! 
Monday to Monday of pure, unadulterated, California sunshine...

Both my parents' cars are stick-shifts, which I'd never had the joy of learning...until last night! My good friend Ryan came over around 11 (he claims that's when the most cars are off the road so his life wouldn't be in as much danger) and lead me through it with the patience of Coach Taylor. I know I'll get bonus friendship points for comparing him to Coach. But it's true.

Today was spent shopping with Mom and Emme (sister #2, who came back to CA as well).
We decided to keep it local, so we went here today and bought these shoes. I think it's the first time I've legitimately deserved new running shoes. As in, I actually wore them down this year—I didn't just get tired of looking at them.

Happy hour on the beach during sunset? Check. 
More in depth breakdown of why the %$&#* I ever left this place tomorrow...


Bridget said...

psh. whatev.

Sarah said...

sweet as! i like the new kicks.

ps looking at that forecast makes me wonder the same thing. as i type i am bundled in full winter gear. in may.


Adam K said...

That weather report is no fair. Although, God disciplines the ones he loves, so I'm pretty happy with the disciplinary weather that we're receiving here in WA. That makes sense, right?

The stick-shift is a must. It's good that you've learned how to drive one. It just makes you feel cool, like when you're driving down the road and then you hit a stop light, so you take your hand off the shifter and rest your arm on the passenger seat headrest, and then the light turns green and you have to put your hand back on the shifter, and you know that the people behind you are just like, "wow. that person is the coolest. He had to take his arm off the passenger seat, so he must have a stickshift. That's cool", so you feel like a bad A. Or maybe that's just me.

Seriously, take the time to break down the pros and cons of the move to Seattle. I'd like to see how that pans out.

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