Monday, May 2

may day

The past two days were essentially May Day stretched out into the most beautiful and relaxing weekend I could have hoped for. This morning was perfect: lounging on a wrap-around balcony porch amidst fields of tulips, fresh coffee, finishing my book (who doesn't love a little closure?), bright sunshine, and the biggest breakfast I've had in years.

Completely forgot my camera this weekend, which ended up being a blessing in disguise. AKA I wasn't hiding behind the lens or filling up my time with getting the perfect shots of each and every tulip in the fields we visited. 
So I took the above with my phone (I mean, the Droid does), 
and stole the following from Heidi
I loved sharing our room together this weekend!
Oh, and we adopted a cat while we were at the bed & breakfast.


Fit With Flash said...

that field is gorg. way to go.

Korinne said...

tempted to make the cat pic my profile picture... hahahaha

emme said...

haha YES (the cat)

wildchild said...

holy moly that looks beautiful. sounds like a good weekend

Allie said...


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