Thursday, April 14

called out by a 5-year-old

I bought a pair of black, reversible yoga pants this month that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to get away with wearing the same pants for at least four days in a row. They are ridiculously comfortable, fit perfectly, and should totally become standard uniform for anyone working as a nanny or barista. And whaddaya know...I'm both. Guess what else? I found them at Target because that's where people with unpaid internships shop when what they really want is to spend entire paychecks at Lululemon.

BUT...just when I thought I was getting away with wearing the same outfit roughly four out of seven days a week, this conversation had to go and happen:

Henry: Why do you always wear those pants?
Me: Ummm, do you not like them?
Henry: Oh, I like them a lot, you just wear them every time you come to my house.
Me: Yah, well they're my favorite pants. Do you know what kind they are?
Henry: Blackies.

Yep, called out by a five-year-old.
I'm trying to not care too much about his fashion opinions considering I caught him wearing this outfit yesterday...
...And he regularly walks around the house with a gorilla mask on.


Absolute Novice said...

Bahaha that last line got me! Keep wearing your comfy pants. My friend swears by maternity pants, which she bought without realising they were from the maternity section.

Natalie said...

Too funny! Love it. I'll need to check out Target for those pants. If they are worthy of wearing every day they must be comfy!

Maggy said...

Hahahaha, kids are so brutal. Thank God my dog can't talk. I have a friend who nannies, when she says "I'm wearing my uniform to work" it means "I am wearing my Lulu's and an oversize sweater". I will cling to yoga pants being in style as looong as possible.

ika said...

He and CJacks would look good together. But maybe they would end up being to "matchy-matchy".

Allie said...

I really want to meet him some time

Bridget said...

hahaha that is so funny.

lulu makes reversible ones too- thank god cause i might've worn em a couple times before washing them. all the time. ya know, in the past.

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