Friday, March 25

welcome Ahn & G

Today is a great day. 
This obnoxiously attractive couple just made the official move from our old hometown of Santa Barbara to the great metropolis of Seattle.
Many of you were probably reading Ahn's blog before you were reading mine. But then she decided to live more in the real world than in the blog world, and she's now on a blogging hiatus (I say hiatus because it is my deep hope that she will come back). 
I am so so so so (a thousand times over SO) excited to have them both up here. It's like a little piece of California sunshine that now lives only a mile away from me. And while Grant's studying hard in grad school at UW (go him!), I'm sure Ahn and I will find ways to entertain ourselves in this new city. Although she's already made it clear that she will not in fact go running with me around Green Lake.
So, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, welcome to Seattle! If you ever need to borrow waterproof mascara or an umbrella, I'm your girl. Thanks for welcoming me into your marriage. I'm excited to be a permanent third wheel. What what.


Bridget said...

yessss. as if seattle didn't already hold enough allure over me.

Fit With Flash said...

you're in charge of peer pressuring Ahn to bring back her blogging. do a good job. : )

Ahn said...

just saw this. love you girl. can't wait to have you over for dinner (once a week i'm thinking?). SO happy to be here with you.

Carey said...

ok this couple is goregtta for real! Also, thanks for your comment. I just saw that you used to live in Santa Barbara. I love love love it there! We used to live in San Clemente. It is way hard to move from California to anywhere else!

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