Friday, March 4

a little Thursday on Friday...

This Thursday was First Thursday in Seattle! I had had quite the busy day, so I decided I needed some alone time. But not the kind of alone time where you sit by yourself in your room with just a glass of wine and the third season of Friday Night Lights (that was Wednesday). Nope—I'm talking about the kind of alone time when you last minute decide to pay $7 for parking in downtown Seattle for an hour in a 6-story ramshackle building filled to the brim with art galleries and private studios. I can justify parking knowing the actual event was free. The Western 619 Ave building is so lovely. I hope they never tear it down.
Here is just a sampling of the works I was able to see...

The quirky and amazing photography of Lucien Knuteson

Oil on canvas by Carol Schwennesen

Oil paintings by KEENOY

 Oil paintings by Stephanie Lindsey

Original letterpress by Constellation Co.


Allie said...

You are so cool. That's why we're friends.

Sara said...

Thanks for stopping by to see us!

Brad & Sara
Constellation & Co.

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