Monday, February 28

one pound of butter

Followed this recipe to a T. Which is rare, for me. 
Secret random ingredient?
Vanilla pudding mix.

 Other not-so-secret ingredient? ALL. OF. THIS. BUTTER...

Yep, all of it. Probably the least healthiest thing I've ever made. But daaaannnng, are they good. And Russian butter?! Found it in this big block at a Japanese food store. Go figure.


ika said...

once again, your photography is awesome! ♡

Bridget said...

i love butter.

Fit With Flash said...

isn't it funny how you change a recipe and then it turns out to be ish, and then you're surprised when you follow a recipe and it turns out great? no? just me? well... you know... those look yummy.

ms. elisabeth said...

butter makes EVERYTHING better.
no, but seriously.


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