Wednesday, March 30

just outside my window

To everyone in Southern California who has scoffed at my move to rainy old Seattle...
Behold...the blossom-filled, bulb-blooming, life-giving season of SPRING. Ever heard of it, Santa Barbara?
This one reminded me of Mulan. I tried tossing it into my hair carelessly like she does in the movie, and it's just not as seamless as the animation makes it look.

So yes, to all who've asked, I'm doing just fine in this "dreary, awful weather." Haven't even worn my Hunters in over a week. And Santa Barbara, you can suck it. I don't need your 80° weather when I have a Spring like this to look forward to. 
Actual seasons...who knew?


wildchild said...

these are the prettiest trees in the world. i can't wait till spring really comes to new york so ours start blossoming like that.

ika said...

ya, that's right, keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel bitter..oh I mean better.

heidifaith said...

LOVE IT! I love Seattle, but I think you already knew that. Just wait til spring fades away to summer and then the pinnacle of beauty as autumn takes over. :)

Absolute Novice said...

These are so beautiful!!!

Sarah said...

mulan is the best disney movie. duh. i'm sure the hair flip is easier if you're asian, an insanely awesome fighter, and have a pet dragon named mushu

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