Monday, February 14

simply the best

I'd barely been here a month when Sarah flew in from Denver & Michelle came up from Santa Barbara just to confirm for themselves that yes, I actually had taken up residency in Seattle. I promised them that we would make every second count, and despite my energy levels waning due to a stupid head cold, we did it all.
Toulouse Petite late night happy hour straight from the airport • Wild Mountain Cafe for brunch • Green Lake walk • Pike Place Market for tea and donuts • Espresso, often • Ballard Ave. shops • Bastille for pre-dinner cocktails • Tarasco for beer and pool while waiting for dinner • Delancey for wood-fire pizza and wine • maybe back to Tarasco for karaoke, where we made K. Perry proud • Molly Moon's for a couple of pints (of ice cream) • lots of Nyquil • Emmer & Rye for brunch • Gas Works Park • University Village for Starbucks and shopping • take-out Thai food and Step Up 3 • Portage Bay Cafe for brunch • Golden Gardens • ...and back to Sea-Tac for a sad goodbye...
If it sounds like all we did was spend  $$ on food, alcohol and coffee, then you've read correctly.
Gas Works Park - crazy wind
Deuces. Miss you already.  


Ahn said...

i want to be there doing those things with you. bridget can join too i guess.

Bridget said...

YES. i can. i want tea and donuts at pike place.

Annie said...

Oh hayyllo we totes have matching hunters. Holla winter weather!

Sarah said...


Sarah said...

ps I would very much like you to post the breakfast picture where you look like a legitimate midget.

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