Thursday, February 24

if heaven sold sandwiches...

...they would sell this one.
pork or chicken drugged in marinade • aioli (seasoned mayo) • fresh cilantro • pickled jalapeños • crisp romaine lettuce • caramelized onions.
I wimped out and did not get the #1 legendary grilled pork...but I've had it before,
and the chicken really isn't a fair comparison.
Paseo Caribbean Restaurant boasts the best Cuban sandwiches (or sandwiches in general). Of anywhere. And they're right here in both Ballard and Fremont. Please come visit me so I can take you there. 


Veronica said...

Your blog is really cute! I love it!
Nice pics!
Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!

Camanda said...

July, baby. Cam and I have to fly out of the air force base in Seattle when we flee the country so we get to see your gorgeous face & those of GAhn!!!

Madeline... said...


Julia and Yuriy said...

Welcome to Seattle, Madeline! You're not over-exaggerating one bit.. Paseo is incredible and it shows because there are always long lines out the door. How did you find it?

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