Sunday, January 16

quarter of the way...

I turned 25 on Thursday! ...and I feel like a real adult now. Not at all. 
But I do feel like 24 was too much of an even number for me—too well-rounded and easy. 
I think I spent the tail-end of 24 getting irresponsibility out of my system. I could give you a list of all the lame decisions I made in the last year, but that would force the quality of this blog down phenomenally. So's to 2011, and—for me—a 25th year wrapped in grace and new beginnings. And a pristine point of view...

Kerry Park, Seattle, WA

Citizen Crepes with Mom and Emme pre-birthday
The Citizen Crepe:
Avocado, caramelized onions, roasted asparagus, apple smoked bacon, spinach & goat cheese. Topped with house made crème fraiche...

above image
It's def winter up here. Blah.

Emme and I walked around Queen Anne, took pictures at Kerry Park and Marshall Park, browsed the Fremont Vintage Mall, bought espresso at Fremont Coffee (above), which also happens to serve PBR. Such the hipster beer up here. My gosh.

Birthday night I was surrounded by people I love eating Italian food (@ Assagio...come visit; I will take you). I'd only been here barely a week and already had friends! ...and friends who like things like Vodka Penne! God knows what we need, and He always provides :) 


Fritzi Marie said...

Happy Happy 25th Birthday.
I hope your year is full of magic.

Fritzi Marie

Bridget said...

vodka penne... yummm.

anddd happy birthday again spidat - it looks like it was a lovely time.

Sarah said...

great pictures madison! can't wait to visit you soooooooooon!

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