Tuesday, January 18

a little bit of eastern europe

Some of you knew me back when I was an innocent little college student studying abroad in Lithuania. Yep, all of four years ago. I had a close group of friends at the international school who were predominantly Latvian. They treated me like family, laughed good naturedly at my attempt at Russian, and taught me four-letter words in Latvian without me realizing it. One weekend, my good friend Toms (yes, like the shoes) took me and another study abroad student back to visit his home in Liepaja, Latvia. We ended up having a 'traditional' Russian bath house experience that became my #1 favorite story to tell from my entire time abroad. You can read about it on my Lithy blog here. And then feel free to ask me questions about it because I'm pretty sure I censored the heck out of it back in 2006.
Point of story: Toms visited Seattle last weekend! He's been in the U.S. for a couple of months working away and seeing what all the fuss is about in America.  And he goes back to Eastern Europe in a week. Tear :( 
But obviously we showed him a good time when he stayed with us...minus the fact that he hated me every time I took out my camera.


Seattle roommates Amanda and Emme (sister #2)
Über Tavern Seattle
We did the touristy thing for a little bit (gum wall on Post Alley by Pike's, Easy Street Records, B&O's for late night dessert). But my favorite venture was to Über Tavern, which, in retrospect, we could/should have walked to from my house. We drive past it every day and always thought it was a dirty dive bar. Granted the huge sign out front says, "KEGS TO GO"...so can you blame us? It's actually a pretty classy place though—with a baller beer selection. Made me miss Eastern European pubs SO MUCH. 

Anyone else have a hard-to-beat weekend? Do tell.


emme said...

"don't take this the wrong way but..."

your hair looks maze. don't cut it. :)

Madeline... said...

:) Emme, he has a girlfriend.

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