Tuesday, January 11

my green lake

images here
Excuse my lack of posts. I have almost too much to share with you (not possible, I know)...but we don't have our Internet set up yet. AKA I'm stealing it from the neighbors right now. And it's slow. And I really hope it's not the same neighbors that brought us cookies.

Found these vintage pictures of, "My lake!" or, "The lake I live two blocks from!" My house is almost dead center of the far right side of that aerial view. I love love love it. There are always herds of people out jogging/strollering/roller blading (totes buying some) the 2.8-mile loop. 
Embarrassing story: When I did the trail with my mom the other morning, the wind knocked a bunch of seeds from a tree that floated down in front of me. Being the California native that I am, I screamed out, "SNOW!" And for about 2.3 seconds, I really did think it was. 

Happy 1/11/11 everyone! Btdubs, my birthday is on Thursday.


Allie said...

Glad you eventually got some REAL snow! It was so pretty for awhile there. Then, notsomuch :)

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