Monday, January 10

finally here

Seattle from Kerry Park
I made it, I made it, I made it! Or maybe I should say we made it, since my sister and I split the driving, and my parents followed a day behind in a moving van (MAJOR PROPS TO THEM!)...
We have had some good times with the moving truck, being that our street is abnormally narrow (but soup cute). We've also been to IKEA two too many times in the past 24 hours. And somehow I re-injured my tailbone pretty badly whilst picking up a dresser. But in the midst of reigning chaos, so many good things have happened already:
  • Our new neighbors brought us cookies when we were unloading boxes
  • Heidi (see photo below) came to visit right away
  • Seattle sports might actually be going somewhere this year!
  • Old friends and new friends are coming out of the wood work to offer trucks, helping hands, food, or just quality time. I'm absolutely blown away by the generosity and attentiveness of the people here. In love.
  • It started to snow today...and I drove in it for the first time sans crashing
  • I went on my first run in Seattle this morning! I jogged around Green Lake. It's a 2.8 mile loop trail that starts just two blocks from my house.
  • Stumbled across a wine bar that is also two blocks from my house that has free tastings every Thursday. Come find me...
  • The moving truck is finally and officially empty. My parents have been and continue to be phenomenally helpful in all of this. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU GUYS! We could not have done it without them.
Heidi and me two years ago the moment when I decided I had to live in Seattle. Yes, the exact moment.


Allie said...

Which wine bar?? I want to go to there.

tishthefish said...

soup jel

Bridget said...

i need to gooooooo.

and happy early birthday spidat! look i shortened it!

Annie said...

Ahhh Madline this is beauts and I could not be happier for you! Save me a bed this summer so I can road trip it on up...

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