Thursday, January 20

fashion comic relief

I'm back in Santa Barbara after a whopping 10 days in Seattle. If you didn't catch my last post, my maternal grandmother passed away suddenly last Friday, and my sister and I flew back for the funeral, which was yesterday. 
For being something utterly universal, death is really hard. 
And then to top it off we had the reception after the burial at my parents' house, wherein I ended up serving chai and strange Russian finger foods to 70+ pseudo-relatives (Pickled herring? Gag me.). 
While it was good to be with everyone, I think those of us at the Jacks' house all need a little comic relief from the tension and grief. 
And what's more comical than me trying to experiment with fashion? And then Photoshopping it until you start to feel like you're having an out of body experience/just took a bunch of expired LSD? 

Disclaimer: I'm not one to use drugs. Really. Unless you count Aleve/Advil once a month. 
Just think of it as The Daybook on acid. (Absolutely no offense, Syd.) And as soon as I'm back up in Seattle, I'm going to start the 30 for 30 Challenge. So things can only get better from here...right?


emme said...

we should count my clothes when we get back... i wonder if i even have 30 items... ;)

Ahn said... eyes hurt. i want to see this without the photoshop cause you look HOT.

Camanda said...

agreed...I feel like I'm still seeing blurry. but from what I can tell, you are succhh a hottttieee in that little outfit

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Im sorry about your loss, my thoughts are with you and your family.
I love these photos, amazing! And I love your outfit. Ecspecially the boots!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Lynn said...

wowness, love the ps edits and photo grid!!!! awesome job lades and bonus to get away from the heinous pickled herring, i bet everyone loved this experiment mind break. you're so right about grief, we can't let it consume us, good for you to try and leverage a lightness in the air. it's either that or stress relieving high-fat content foods, they kinda help too
; )

xo ♥

Sarah Nicole said...

these pictures are amazing!

Bridget said...

love this. you, mads/spidat are hott.

and yes, death. universal but still so incredibly hard. wtf?

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