Tuesday, December 7

'twas a crafty craft christmas

My family and Christmas. 'Tis a season and a sight to behold. For several reasons:
  • a) We open all of our presents on Christmas Eve late at night. Always have.
  • b) We never believed in Santa Clause. This might have something to do with why the above made more sense.
  • c) One of my BFF's (Lana!) used to drop by our Christmas Eve celebration every year just to watch us open stuff. It's just that entertaining. See below.
  • d) We recycle boxes. Ergo, this happens a lot mid-unwrapping:  
    • "No way, you guys got me an iPhone 4?!"
    • "No, hunny, that's just the box I used to wrap your new tights in!"
  • e) One year we had a "Thrift Store Christmas," where everything we gave to each other could only be from a bonafide thrift store. Mind you, this was before trendy vintage and recycled clothing stores existed. Quantity vs. quality was the big debate that year. But MY GOODNESS did we end up with a lot of things under the tree. 
  • f) Last year was the best yet. We dubbed it "Crafty Craft Christmas!" And no one was let down. Everything had to be handmade and one of a kind. 

Here are some of the treasures from Crafty Craft Christmas 2009:
butterfly mobile from vintage dictionary pages
made by me for Sister #3

hand-bound journal from vintage wooden drawer front
made by Sister #2 for me
 This one is really going to blow your mind...
looks like a stack of books, right?
but wait...what is this? an iPod dock?
iPod speakers masquerading as a stack of books
made by Dad for Sister #3
moss wreath
made by me for Mom
coffee-dyed journal pages hand-bound into a vintage Lincoln Cents nickel collecting book
made by me for Sister #2 
my little yarn snow-family :)

Happy 18 days until Christmas!


Bridget said...

what???? the ipod dock?!???? kewlest.

Lynn said...

totally digging that journal with the handle bookcover, so clever. nice post! ♥

ms. elisabeth said...

this are so awesome.
i LOVE your little snowman family!

beth said...

fun ideas!!!

Anonymous said...

Just: WOW. Amazing things. The snowman trio is too lovely to be true <3 Man, I wish my family was that crafty! Best wishes from cold Germany :)

Eclectically Vintage said...

Love that yarn family so much that I featured it

kathleen said...

I would like to ask your permission to use one of your photos for our DAL (the snowman family)
my email is kjchamberlain1@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

love the snowman trio, did you attach the yarn together or just stack them?

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