Thursday, December 9

jenny o. - get down for the holidays

At barely two minutes long, I have felt the need to place this song on repeat a lot today. It's a fun, grooving Christmas tune. And it's brought to you by...Target! Yep. You can even download it and 14 other semi-original holiday songs for *free* here.

"Let's hit the dance floor, see everyone we know. We'll cut a rug and sneak up on the mistletoe. I'll sing a song or two with them, and then we best be on our to paint this moonlit town ablaze..."


vintch said...

this song seriously made my morning! and as fabulous as christmas carols are, this is such a fun break! so happy i found your blog!

Fit With Flash said...

dude. that's seriously cute. adding it to my 3+ hour long Christmas playlist. (that I've been playing since the day after Thanksgiving). yessss.

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