Monday, November 8

santa barbara is trying so hard to be fall right now

Re-living Italy via a family Italian dinner party tonight with Erica. I think this is going to give me that boost that I need to complete all my Italy posts I've been preparing to share here.

Meanwhile, Santa Barbara is trying so hard to be autumn right now! It's almost endearing...
At 65 degrees, the scarf and the Uggs were optional. (But I opted for them.)

Mom & me @ Lane Farms pumpkin patch

Lady bug!
Family friend Scott was there too, posing as a tourist getting in the way


Bridget said...

love the pics. guess what's NOT pretending to be fall but legit is... MASSACHUSETTS. you'll see for yourself pretty darn soon!

Dionne said...

How LOVELY! Your photographs are so beautiful!

Allie said...

Dude, you are not wearing shorts and Uggs and a scarf (Rolling my eyes)

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