Friday, November 5

friday night brownies for mom

My sister Emme is on a crazy-long flight home from ISRAEL right now (!!!)...and Mom is a tad nervous. Just a tad. She's been doing so great though! First I disappear to Italy for a month, then Emme books it to the Holy Land for 12 days...all the while Becky is down at APU. 
Us Jacks girls are never the jet-setters we currently appear to be, I assure you.

To ease nerves and share some love, I wanted to do something extra nice for Mom tonight. 
She knows what she likes. And she likes chocolate. I happen to love baking. But sometimes I get on my high horse about all-things-organic-and-natural, which I realize can come across as pretentious (not meant to!). So for tonight's brownies for Mom, I did not substitute anything for the sugar and butter, which I've been known to do. I piled in the cocoa powder and voila! They taste fantastic. 
Nothing fake or healthy about these bad boys. Just as brownies should be.

Made sure her first piece was the BEST piece!  :)
Love you, Mom!


Bridget said...

yummm. i want that.

ika said...

Thank you. yummy and even more yummy because you made them!

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