Monday, November 22

return from boston...and a simon & garfunkel bathtime

Weird blog post title, I know. Hear me out.

Returned from Boston today, where I spent amazingly quality time with Annie, Ahn and Bridge (aka Tales :).

Atomic Cafe in Beverly

Drank cappuccinos. Wore scarves, boots and winter coats to defend ourselves from the cold. Admired red, yellow and orange leaves...and a lot of dead and sorry looking naked trees. Window-shopped in Newburyport. 
Visited Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord and saw the tombstones of Henry David Thoreau and Louisa May Alcott. Quick peek at Walden Pond (where Ahn and Grant were engaged!)...and some QT with Lexi the teacup poodle. She loved her girl time with all of us.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery                      Walden Pond                                                   Lexi

Had WAY TOO LONG of a flight home (since when does BOS ---> LAX take seven hours?!) Yeeesh.
But nothing combats jet lag like starting up some 1/2 marathon training. I'm loosely using this training schedule. So I ran my four miles to some Russian techno, and then soaked in the most energizing and detoxifying homemade bath ever. 
Yes, it most definitely included the following:

rosemary                                           sea salt                                                   thyme                    
Scarborough Fair, anyone? Please?

rosemary, saltthyme


Fit With Flash said...

I hear you on East-West flight times. I once had a flight from NYC to San Diego. Boarded, paused, FBI pulled 2 people off, de-boarded, 2 hours bomb sweep, re-boarded, then 6 hours to SD. Talk about a long flight... boo. Glad you had a fun trip though!

carlotta said...

Gorgeous photos! I adore that first collage. Sounds like you had a great time :)
And that Scarborough Fair bath is super creative...I never would have thought of that!

emme said...

since you skipped out on the family reunion i should inform you that i learned we are actually related to louisa.

Sarah said...

two things.

1) scarborough fair is one of the best S & G songs. seriously.

2) glad you made it to atomic

3) OUR MINDS ARE STILL CONNECTED!! i had a post about a bath today too. :)

sorry. three things.

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