Tuesday, November 16

I think I'll go to Boston...

The blogging world absolutely kills me. I love it. It's so darn fun, and it's always surprising me. Some days it's frustrating as hell, but that's only when I take myself too seriously. Most days it's encouragement central. All those bloggers out there mingling their creative energies, commenting, posting, linking, commenting some more... 
You never expect to actually see the bright faces behind the blogs, at least I never did, until a few weeks ago.

Backstory: I've never met Bridget. I first heard of her referred to as "the student who married her professor." Okay, granted, there are a lot of details in there that are worth reading and not making assumptions about. Ahnika went to college with her. All three of us have blogs. I start following Bridget's blog. She starts following mine. I call her Bridge. She calls me Spidatter. Now we're even Facebook friends. I love the Interweb.

So I get a text from Ahn at the beginning of November:
Ahnika: I'm going to Boston Nov. 17-21. We're staying with Bridget. She wants you to come. You should come. Are you coming?
Me: I was supposed to pack up and move to Seattle on Nov. 15...should I not?
Ahnika: Bridge and I are g-chatting about how much we want you to come. There are still seats. 
Me: Let me think about it.

So then I g-chatted Bridget:
Me: Sell me on Boston.
Bridget: OKAY! Well, I will cook you delicious chocolate croissants and gingerbread coffee while we chat by the hour about life in our pajamas...and we can spoon Ahnika...and get margaritas!

Ahn & Bridge...can't wait to get in on one of these

So then I bought my ticket. But not before confirming with Annelise Joy that she would be in town this week. I'll hopefully be seeing LOTS of her this weekend...isn't that right, Annie?

I'm beyond excited to see fall in all its finest. I have scarves, tights and boots that hate me because I never wear them. The last time I was in Boston, it was 2003, and I stayed on a dorm room floor at Gordon College. It's time to buy Boston another round...

Photo stolen shamelessly from http://www.itsahuntlife.blogspot.com
"I'll get out of California, I'm tired of the weather, I think I'll get a lover and fly him out to Spain..."—Augustana: Boston


Justine said...

too bad this spontaneity didn't pull through for Seattle. But hey, i will come visit you all the time missy.

Daddyo said...


Bridget said...

YES! love this spidatter.

Annie said...


Allie said...

What the WHAT, Maddie. WHEN will come be with me in Seattle??!!

Katie Bright said...

this is so so sweet!! i'm following all three of you, and love to see the bloggy-connections going on! xo.

Katie Bright said...

okay, double sweet, i clicked on the "annelise joy" link and realized i know her bf's brother and his girlfriend is one of my besties! small world, i love this blog thing! :)

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