Thursday, November 4

{ holiday fav is back! }

I'm so thankful it's finally that time again! It seems like just yesterday I was going through withdrawals from Trader Joe's apparently seasonal Candy Cane Green Tea. 
Sorry, I'll stop being dramatic. It's decaf—so no actual withdrawal potential. 
But it did make me really sad. 
Today I did a literal double-take at the end of the aisle...and then proceeded to buy three boxes—only $1.99 each for that tingly, warm Christmas feeling year-round! 

peppermint leaf
green tea
orange peel
vanilla bean
milk thistle
blackberry leaves
roasted carob 
roasted chicory

A tea you can both fall asleep and wake up to.

And yes, the Italy posts are coming. It's just so much easier to post about tea than to process and sum up an entire month in Italy.


Sarah said...

one of those boxes better be for me! :)

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