Monday, November 15

grateful for: my dad

It only feels natural that family should be highlighted first in the opening wave of grateful posts
From playing lullabies on the piano, to making me smoothies or espresso in the mornings with his nifty machine (that I can never quite figure out), my dad gives me plenty of reasons to be grateful for him and his daily presence in my life. He is constantly saying "I love you" in so many creative ways.

Some direct quotes from Dad that made me smile really big this past week:

"Wow...your outfit looks like a craft store!"

"I know that if you were still in Italy right now, I'd want to say hi to you but I wouldn't be able I'm saying hi now...Hi, Mad!"

"Have you lost weight? I mean're looking awfully slim and trim lately."

"I'm praying for you."

Woke up to this the week I moved back home.

We get crafty.


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Wow again. [Now, go be the best Maddie you can be. ♥]

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