Monday, November 1

{ back in action }

I'm sitting in French Press on State Street in Santa Barbara sipping the most elegantly topped off caffe latte, lusting over my Italy photographs. 
Let me repeat some of that with added emphasis...I'm SITTING in a COFFEE SHOP.
Not in Italy anymore, my friends.
Coffee shop culture in the US of A is something I'm likely to never grow weary of. I've been sitting with my MacBook at a table for an hour now, and no one has glared at me or tried to charge me €2 for [bad] table service.
And I drink espresso now, apparently. It's like I all but lost my identity in Italy. And talk about being a lightweight—my hands are shaking like crazy.

I was just thinking about how much my prayer life suffered abroad. I know "He's got the whole world in His hands..." but my gosh it's hard to live a life in which it appears that I actually believe that.

One thing is for certain after this last month...the structure of my faith is held up on all four sides by those around me. And I'm not saying that's a great thing. But I really missed my friends. The ones I care the deepest about, who can both challenge and encourage me in the same breath. The ones who constantly remind me who I really am, where I'm from, and where I want to be going. Not to say that I completely forget without them...but they certainly make it easier to make wise choices :)

So do I miss Italy? Yes. And many more (photo-filled) posts to come about it.
But am I glad to be back surrounded by the people who breathe life and unconditional love into my overly-caffeinated heart? Helllllllll yah. 

"Words will not do, Lord. Listen to my breathing, for I gulp after something like holiness." 
—Ted Loder 


Ahn said...

more please.

Camanda said...

yes please. and a phone call too please. MISS YOU SO!

Bridget said...

i second ahn.

but, then again, i can HEAR ALL ABOUT IT on november 17!!!

Madeline said...

Bridge...did I just gain a new follower?!

rachel nicole said...

1. I just discovered your blog, and I love it :]

2. That is such an amazing quote, I may just have to borrow it. Love this post :]

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