Tuesday, August 17

{ peach polish }

Possibly the most shallow post yet...but hey, I have some time on my hands.

It's not orange, coral or dusty rose. 
I've been looking for this color for months—no joke—in every K-Mart, CVS and beauty supply store.
You'd think it would exist everywhere, in the spring and summer months especially, 
but now I just appreciate it all the more. 
Now even my nails can embrace funemployment. 

On a more serious and hard-working side note, I have picked up not one, but two part-time jobs to pass the time and bring in some extra cash.
 Not every bone in my body is lazy. 
More on those ventures later...I'm off to the beach, 
and then a pre-college photo shoot with my youngest sister and her best friends!


Ahn said...

yes please. i want that on my nails asap.

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