Wednesday, August 18

{ honey white bread }

At a dinner last week I experienced the most incredibly soft, moist, perfect white bread I had ever held, sliced or tasted. Turns out the man of the house had made this honey white bread himself that morning...sans a bread machine. While everyone's mouths were stuffed full, he joked that it was a family secret, but then rattled off the recipe anyway. I regrettably did not take good mental notes and, too ashamed to just call and ask, I searched the Internet far and wide for bread recipes containing flour, yeast and...honey. 
Turns out there are quite a few of them. 

All the ones I found involved the bread machine that I don't own.
So I improvised, combined three recipes that sounded promising...and crossed my fingers (and the top of my bread).   :)

And let's just say whoever invented the no-carb diet...well, they don't deserve this bread anyway. 

I'm slowly overcoming my fear of the science behind "yeast."


emme said...

ooooh did you make this today? i want.

Ahn said...

does everything you touch turn into magic? looks like it.

Amanda said...

agreed. you're a phenom.

I MISS YOU!!!!! when can we talk on the phone!?

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