Wednesday, July 28

{ you are the best thing }

I just made the best thing. Maybe ever.
Its technical name is Banana Soft Serve, but we'll just call it spoonfuls of heaven, because that is absolutely what it is. 

Ingredients: Frozen. Bananas. That's. It.

That's a partial lie. 
I mixed up some cocoa powder and a little raw agave nectar to drizzle on top. 
Result? "Better than Hershey's" Syrup.

Me and my new food processor...we get along.

I don't love bananas just as they are, so I didn't think I'd be gushing over frozen bananas whipped in a food processor for five minutes. But OH am I okay with being wrong about that one. It tastes like a million magical and sweet ingredients...but there's really only one. 
All you lactose intolerant fans who are on strike against ice cream can thank me later.


Yes, the Cuisinart Prep 7 Food Processor deserves it's own post, which it will get oh-so-soon because it is now the most expensive kitchen appliance that I own (big thanks to Ika for helping out with that one!)...
My goal is to use it once every day. Three days in and I'm solid.

All photos by me.


Ahn said...

yum. i want this immediately.

Bridget said...

the pictures are incredible and it looks delicious. as a proud owner of a cuisinart food processor, i might give this baby a try.

Allie said...

Oh, I am just so in need of a food processor.

Erin said...

oh. my. god. i'm in the same boat as allie.

tresser said...

oh man. I am SO making this today.

Amanda Wayne said...

Mads, you're so could be a wedding photographer, a food photographer/writer, or both all at once.


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