Saturday, July 31

{ BFF to the rescue }

Most of you know that Thursday was my LAST DAY OF WORK after three years with an absolutely wonderful company. Even though it was entirely my decision to leave—and I am very ready for something new—my emotions were still all over the place. 
Not surprising. 

SO...I was beyond thrilled when a certain best friend of mine (SARAH!), whom I've blogged about before when she left me to move to Colorado, flew in for a last minute visit in SB!

Talk about a life saver. No time to think about my lack of a paycheck, plan or place to live. Too much catching up to do. It's been almost FOUR MONTHS. 

Friday, my first official day of joblessness, was the best. We shared a Backyard Bowl downtown and then read the daily police blotter aloud over hot drinks at Santa Barbara Roasting Co. 
All this was followed by an endorphin-charged FIVE-MILE run along East Beach. The greatest.

Today being the weekend, we bonded with the still very much employed Michelle!

We walked to our favorite hot spot, The Daily Grind (lovingly referred to as The DG).
On the way we saw some Naked Ladies (don't worry, just the flower kind)...

SO much goodness to choose from at the DG these days...

Sarah sporting my 'already been hemmed once' jeans...such a trendsetter, that girl! :)

My go-to iced tea and Michelle's poppy seed scone

I am so blessed by these friendships.

Proverbs 27:9 The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense.


Justine said...

my bff comes thursday. i feel ya girl. Sounds like such a great way to kick off unemployment!

C. said...

When was a kid, ‘BFF’ was definitely not how you would describe a lifelong bud.

From the book, “WHEN I WAS A KID” by cjacks. Look for cjacks’ upcoming, new book—“A CAR WITH A TRUNK” [Hard cover, 2011.]

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